Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Afriglobal Group, our CSR activities are guided by our vision which is to “inspire Africa”. Through our CSR activities, we work to advance our corporate citizenship, build relationships of mutual trust with stake holders and aim for sustainable growth.

Through its foundation – Nagode Foundation, Afriglobal Group is actively involved in several socio-economic projects that positively affect the lives of African people.  We believe in giving back to the communities in whom we have become who are thereby staying true to our values.

Every year we commit some percentages of our profit solely to execute worthy projects that will leave a lasting impact in the lives of people.

Major activities financed by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team include:

Poverty Alleviation Schemes

We are committed to equiping willing Nigerians with the necessary skills training and financial assistance to help start-up businesses which will provide steady sources of income thereby reducing poverty and lack among the Nigerian community.

Childhood Cancer Awareness

Prevention and Treatment Schemes – We are at the forefront of raising awareness for Childhood cancer cases in Nigeria to help increase the survival rate from its current low to meet international standards in Europe and America.

Women Empowerment Schemes

We are passionate about helping illiterate and widowed women gain skills for businesses and financial assistance to start up small businesses which can cater for their families.

Youth Empowerment Schemes

The youth are the power engine of Africa, hence we believe in providing necessary assistance to see that they are gainfully engaged in skills acquisition, business training and sporting activities which will in turn provide financial rewards.

African Achievers Award

Excellence Recognition amongst young achievers to inspire greater achievements amongst young Nigerians.